Since 2000

We provide specialized maintenance, management and cleaning services for industrial and commercial clients


Our company offers a range of professional services designed to meet the specific maintenance, management and cleaning needs of the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors.

Industrial Services

Laser cleaning, equipment inspection, high pressure cleaning and industrial and commercial maintenance.

Confined Space Work

Cleaning, maintenance, surveillance and rescue in confined spaces. Issuance of confined space work permits and environmental characterization.

Mobile Truck Wash

Mobile washing of heavy trucks and equipment. We cover all of Quebec and Ontario.

Building Cleaning

Protection, restoration and maintenance of public and private buildings and infrastructures.

Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Cleaning & Remediation

Cleaning of hazardous materials or infectious diseases, prevention, decontamination and disinfection.

Infrastructure Management

Management of Public and Private Infrastructures. NDAA Compliant.


Our work processes and techniques have been proven over the years and are the result of sustained efforts to exceed customer expectations.

We operate 24 hours a day on a human scale with personalized and turnkey service.

  • Authorization to contract – Quebec Public Procurement Authority
  • «N.D.A.A.» Compliant Technological Infrastructure (US National Defense Authorization Act)
  • «Confined Spaces Rescue» National Certification
  • «Confined Spaces Work & Permit Issuance» National Certification
  • National Certification “Confined Space Rescue
  • A.Q.T.R. STC-101 & STC-102 Road Work Certifications
  • «Specialized Maintenance Work (N.O.C. 6732)» Federal Certification
  • «Canadian Waterworks Attendant» Federal Certification

  • Certified for the Inspection of Fall Protection Equipment
  • «Industrial First Responder» Trained Technicians
  • Member of the «Quebec Construction Commission» (C.C.Q.)
  • Member of the «Quebec Construction Entrepreneurs Association» (A.E.C.Q.)
  • Member of the «Power Washers of North America» association

Thanks to our volume of business and our professionalism, we can offer you the best prices and unparalleled service!


We have been using Hollywood Group for 15 years as our provincial supplier for washing our fleet. Their teams not only travel for the washing but can also take care of certain maintenance tasks, which greatly facilitates our work.

Luc Martineau, Fleet manager

“Hollywood Group teams are an integral part of our maintenance program for our buildings, including exterior cleaning, commercial housekeeping and maintenance. They are professional, meticulous and dedicated. We recommend them at all levels.”

Catherine Landry, Vice President – Property Management

“The nature of our services means that we require fast response time and professional execution from our suppliers. The only ones who have proven themselves in the long term are the people at Hollywood Group. From the management to the technicians in the field, they are professionals with a lot of experience capable of providing advice and solutions quickly and specifically adapted to our needs.”

Philippe Parker ING, Head of Department – Inspections and Emergencies

“The evolution of cleaning techniques and equipment requires a company that is at the forefront at this level. With Hollywood Group we can be sure that they will always offer us the best methods or the best procedures to carry out the work. They are the leaders in their sector.”

Stéphane Labrie, Director of Operations

“We are their client for our de-icing operations on construction sites. They have the best equipment and the best technicians. Definitely a company to recommend.“

M. Brisebois, General Superintendent

“A big thank you and a good job from your team. You will thank them for me.”

D. Maranda ING., Mechanical Engineer – Olympic Park


We apply the principle of meritocracy with our employees. Unlike others, merit comes before hierarchy or seniority. We give you all the tools to achieve and thrive within our company.

We’re looking for exceptional people who stand out from the crowd to join one of Canada’s top employers.