Social responsibility


We believe in people and seek a system of equal rights and mutual benefit where individuals succeed by helping others succeed – and where people are empowered to improve their lives and their communities. That’s why we help our employees improve their lives and communities through bottom-up solutions rather than top-down imperatives (Bottom-up versus Top-Down approach).

“A business exists only to create real long-term value.”

-Charles Koch (Koch Industries)

Social Vision

We strive to improve people’s lives by providing services they value more than their alternatives. We experiment and innovate to responsibly create more value while consuming fewer resources. We seek mutually beneficial outcomes for our customers, employees, suppliers and the communities where we do business.


Our overall objective as a responsible company is to emit no hazardous waste into the environment. We are constantly looking for the best working methods to achieve and maintain this objective. We also make our customers aware of the importance of this objective and our employees are regularly trained to develop a greater sense of social responsibility in this area. Our detailed environmental policy guide is also available upon request.

Social impact

Meaningful and rewarding careers are where it all has to start. It is a vital priority of our social impact. This allows each of our employees to grow, contribute, achieve and create value while supporting the communities in which we live.

Need advice?

In order to assist our customers at all times, we operate with a dispatcher and emergency service 24/7/365. Listening to you and available at all times with the same exceptional service and the same legendary courtesy.

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