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A reputation for quality and exceptional professionalism since 2000.

Our company offers comprehensive maintenance and industrial upkeep services to ensure the cleanliness, safety and proper functioning of your facilities.

Chance has no place in our firm. Our work processes and techniques have been proven over the years and are the result of sustained efforts to exceed customer expectations.

With a multitude of special industrial maintenance projects to our credit, we are able to undertake all types of work requiring specialized equipment and labour.

We are used to emergency interventions of a “Time Sensitive” nature. We are the first choice for several government departments, public and private institutions and companies. Our services are designed to respond quickly and efficiently to the intervention needs of our customers thanks to our experienced technicians and our state-of-the-art equipment.

We operate 24 hours a day with a human scale, personalized and turnkey service.


Laser Cleaning

Industrial laser cleaning is an advanced cleaning technique used to remove dirt, rust, stains and surface residue from industrial equipment. This cleaning method uses high-precision lasers to evaporate and remove contaminants from the targeted surface, without damaging the base materials (non-destructive cleaning).

Laser cleaning of stationary or rolling equipment.

Mobile service also available.


Inspection & Certification of Fall Protection Equipment

We are certified “Competent Inspector” with regard to the inspection and certification of all types of fall protection equipment including harnesses, winches, cables, etc.

As a provider of fall protection equipment inspection and certification services, we offer a full range of services to help our customers ensure the safety of their personnel working at height.


Qualitative Fitting (Fit Test)

The fit test aims to assess the proper fit of respiratory protective equipment on a person’s face, such as a filter mask or a respirator. This is a procedure to verify that the equipment provides sufficient sealing to protect the user from harmful substances or contaminating agents present in the working environment.

It is important to note that qualitative fitting is a periodic procedure, as the fit of respiratory protective equipment may vary over time due to changes in the weight, size or face shape of the patient. individual. Therefore, regular fit tests are necessary to ensure the continued safety of workers.


High Pressure and Steam Cleaning

Our high pressure and steam cleaning service offers a powerful solution for removing stubborn dirt, stains and contaminants from various surfaces. Whether it is for the exterior cleaning of buildings, vehicles, patios, concrete surfaces or for industrial cleaning, our experienced team uses professional equipment and advanced techniques to achieve exceptional results.

We also perform degreasing and de-icing of equipment and surfaces.

We are able to recover washing water in accordance with applicable regulations.


Industrial Maintenance and Monitoring

Our industrial maintenance and monitoring service offers a complete solution to guarantee the proper functioning, safety and reliability of your industrial installations. Whether you are a production plant, a processing facility or any other industrial site, our qualified and experienced team is here to help keep your operations running at peak performance.

Management and maintenance of public structures and industrial equipment including inspection, management of repairs and monitoring and writing of expert reports.

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